Yi Jianlian: Determination to Win And Revenge

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Tom.com--August 1st, the final day of Stankovic Cup, China beat Iran with 76-58, which scoured away the shame of the loss last year against Iran in Asian Championships. During this match, Yi Jianlian tallied 18 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks, leading the team reverse the condition and finally win.

As the key player of the team, Yi Jianlian had a lot of opportunities to shoot: in the second quarter, Yi and Ding Jinhui made a pick-and-roll, then he scored under the board. In the following offense, he received the ball and shoot it down directly.

As the core of the team, Yi has his outstanding abilities. When China fell into conditions lacking of offense in the first half, Yi helped the team scored and reversed the conditions; in the second half, Yi plunged into the scoring area directly, taking the opponents by storming two three-point plays. Yi received the ball from the left side under the board for 2 times, those powerful plays are the reflection of Yi Jianlian's excellent ability.

Last year in Asian Championships in Tianjin, Yi's unremarkable performance caused the disorder of Chinese team's attacks. While in today's game, his amazing offensive skills helped himself as well as the whole team. That shows the determinations of winning and revenge on last year.